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We're on a mission to help the world share information faster and smarter.


Digital content is growing at an exponential rate. Millions of pieces of content are being created every minute from videos, articles, documents, images, social posts, etc. We believe that sharing this information should be flexible, informative and contextual, depending on who the audience is. At elink, we’re driven to leverage technology to help everyone share online content in an intelligent and meaningful way.


We are deeply committed to tackling ambitious ideas and drastically improve the lives of others. At elink one of our most significant measurements of that improvement is time. It is the single most limited, and valuable resource each of us has during our time on Earth. When we deconstruct problems and develop technology, our decisions are lead by creating valuable time-saving solutions for our customers.


We are a tight-knit group of visionaries and problem solvers who are committed to turning our ambitious ideas into a reality. We are just getting started, and the best is still to come.


We believe in helping the world create quicker, faster content that can communicate ideas and exchange knowledge in a better smarter way. There is nothing more important than the information we share. Information propels us forward with new ideas, growth and a vision for the future.

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