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on the Planet

elink is an all in one content curation tool that helps you gather and curate information around a specific topic from anywhere on the web and add your own voice to it. It is the fastest and most professional way to share curated content on any topic in a visually appealing way. Think of it as a professional Pinterest! Whether you want to create curated newsletters, content pages for your website or social media bio links elink can do it all. Simply collect links around any topic, customize the content inside like images, title, description pick a layout and just publish. No coding needed!
Smart Bookmarks
Save Any Type of Weblinks
The most important part of any content curation tool is the ability to save and collect online content. elink makes it easy for you to save content from anywhere online. You can save weblinks, articles, cloud files, products, social media posts, etc. You can collect content using elink's Chrome Extension, RSS Feed Reader and Link Library for quick creation of content. Your saved links can be accessed anytime and you can easily bundle them to create curated content.

Customize Content
Add Your Own Voice
When you curate content, it's important to add your own commentary to each content piece and provide your own point of view. elink's content curation tool allows you to edit the title, description and image that is automatically fetched of each weblink you save. You also have the ability of adding introductory text around the web collections you are saving. It's a great way to build authority, be a thought-leader and have your audience engaged with your content.
Multiple Layouts
Choose from a variety of BEAUTIFUL Responsive Content Templates
When you share your curated content it's important that your visual weblinks look great to impress and engage your audience. elink's content curation tool allows you to select between multiple interchangeable beautiful templates to showcase your curated weblinks in the best way. You can select between various column styles, shadow boxes, visual bookmarks, text based bookmark views and much more. Update your template even after it's been embedded to your website/blog.
Customize Design
Customize How Your Content Looks!
Customize background colors, text colors, link colors and more. You can also choose from a list of fonts to make your elink post blend in with your website. Update your call-to-action button on each visual card to help your audience understand if they should read more, download an app, view a video or buy a product, etc.
Share Anywhere
Share Your Curated Content
Once done with curating your content collection, elink allows you to share it in three different ways. You can export it as a beautiful email newsletter to nearly any third party email service provider that allows HTML. You can embed it on any website or blog like WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, etc. to create fast content. You can share it as a single web page via social media, etc. Content curation has never been this easy!

See What You Can Build & Automate

Use your imagination to have elink make your life easy! From website news feeds, industry news feeds, company press coverage, email newsletters and much more!
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