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Curated Competitor Research

Add web links to elink and transform it into beautiful content.

Strategic information regarding competitor’s product offerings, new product development, and benchmarking reports must be shared with management to make sure the company does not fall behind the competition. All this information collected from various sources should be delivered in a manner that is easily understandable.

Use elink's smart platform to create a visually appealing page comprising of all your competitor research in one place- making it easier for your team members and other stakeholders to quickly grasp the information provided.

elink is an amazing platform to help you quickly share web content with your teammates from all around the world. Just add web links into elink's platform or create content by using elink's Chrome Extension and you can create engaging professional content to make an impact on your team.

You can create and send email newsletters filled with important resources, news, videos, knowledge resources, cloud files and more. You can also create single web pages that you can share via a single weblink. If you want to create internal web pages you can also embed your content on your intranet or embed it on your website to share with your audience.

Curated Competitor Research
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Turn Your Content into an Email Newsletter

Turn your curated competitive research page into an internal email newsletter in one click using elink's awesome platform!

You can Embed Your Content on any Website or Blog

Do you have a website or intranet where you want to share collections of your competitive research? In this example, we have embedded this team student project in a container. But you can also add the embed code to a column or full page width to create different experiences on your website or blog. Click around and play with the embedded content below👇 | See Original

Share Your Collection as a Single Web Page

Whether you're sharing a link via email, slack or your internal wiki, sometimes consolidating your research links into a single link is all you need to do to make your content engaging and helpful. A beautiful page like this can be created in minutes. It looks professional and will be sure to wow any audience!
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