The Pocket Alternative that Makes Sharing a Breeze

Don't just bookmark content with Pocket, make it do more with elink.
elink provides you with one of the most flexible bookmark managers by allowing you to customize the fetched image, edit your title, description and add tags to your bookmarks. All of your bookmarks end up in your Link Library where you can search and filter across them to find the bookmark you need. When you need to share your curated web links with your world, elink helps you bundle them and turn them into a beautiful web page, a responsive email newsletter, or as embedded content on your website!

Why Choose elink OverĀ Pocket?

It's time to save web links and articles more powerfully and do more with your links.

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Ease of Use
Edit Bookmark
Edit Bookmark Images
RSS Feed Reader
Create Weblink Collections
Email Newsletters Creator
Embed Weblinks on Website
Engagement Analytics
Content Automation
Smart Bookmarks
Make Your Bookmarks Do More!
Pocket is a great place for bookmarks. Unfortunately there isn't a way to share your amazing research with your team, customers, followers, etc. Use elink to bookmark and share beautiful customized collections of weblinks with your world!
Curate any kind of media
Responsive Single Web Pages
Add Your Voice
Edit Your Bookmarks
Use elink's smart Chrome Extension to save content on the go. You can edit the title, description, and image. elink makes it easy for you to add your own notes and voice to the content you're saving. Choose from any image on a web page, take a screenshot or upload your own image to make it 'picture perfect'!
Smart Search
Find Your Saved Content in Seconds!
All your bookmarks are saves inside of your content library. You can search your content based on its title, keywords, tags, content type, day added etc. When you're ready just bundle and create collections to share with your world. No more wasted time searching and sharing your research with your audience!
Customize Fonts
Publish Curated Content Anywhere
Smart Reader
Built-In RSS Feed Reader
Read and curate content with elink's robust RSS feed reader. Simply grab the RSS feeds from the sites you love and we will display them for you to read articles and share bundled web links around any topic. Try doing that with Pocket. Hint: you can't.
Fully Responsive
Works on Multiple Browsers
Select any of your RSS Feed articles and start bundling them. Once you're done you can convert them into a content post, add a header, heading text, footer text and share it with your world. Share your final post with a single link, as an email newsletter or embed your curated articles on your website or blog.
Ready to do more with your links?