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The Feedly Alternative that Makes Sharing a Breeze

Feedly was created to help you stay on top of the news. Unfortunately, that solves only one problem. Often we need to share this information with our teams, clients, followers and more. elink is one of the most advanced RSS Feed Readers and content generators on the planet. You can read and bundle content around any topic from sources you trust. Those collections can be turned into email newsletters (via nearly any third party email provider), single web pages or embedded on any website or blog! The best part is that each bookmark saved and bundled can be edited with the title, description and image you want to make your shareable content resonate with your audience. There are over 30+ modern responsive layouts, custom color and font options and more!

Why Choose elink Over Feedly?

It's time to do more than just save web links and articles.

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Reading is Fine. Sharing is Great!

Feedly is a great RSS Feed Reader for bookmarks and organizing things you want to read/watch later. However, since you are curating and saving all this awesome content, why not share it with the world and become a thought leader/ tastemaker? Use elink's RSS Feed reader to not only bookmark stuff, but also share your beautiful collections of links.

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It's Time to Create Beautiful Shareable Content with Weblinks

Did you know that all that awesome content you are saving in Feedly can actually be used to create beautiful web pages, newsletters, and social media content? elink is the fastest way to create beautiful content for your website and social media using curated content. Whether you want to create curated newsletters, content pages for your website or social media bio links we've got you covered. Simply collect links around any topic, customize the content inside like images, title, description and just publish. No coding needed!

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Responsive Single Web Pages
Customize Fonts
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Have you ever wanted to edit your boookmarks?

It's important to be able to add notes and tags to the content you're saving. With elink, you can edit the title,  description, image and more with each link you save with elink's RSS Feed Reader. elink makes it easy for you to add your own notes and voice to the content you're saving. You can choose from any image on a web page, take a screenshot or upload your own image. You can also right click on any image that you want to save to that bookmark for a beautiful reference.

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Find Content in Seconds

All your bookmarks and content links get saves inside elink's content library. It's a great place to be able to search, filter and access any information that you have saved in one beautiful, fast location. Search your content based on its title, keywords, tags, content type, a day added, etc. No more wasted time looking for important bookmarks that you need to share with your world.

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Publish Curated Content Anywhere
Curate any kind of media
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Track Engagement Analytics on
Your Shared Content

Track engagement levels, referral sources and location of your audience. Make smarter decision on the content you create and share by understanding your user engagement levels. Measure the number of page visits on your single web pages, social media bio links and website content that you create.

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