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elink's content curation tool is the most powerful bookmark manager on the planet. Use elink's Chrome Extension to bookmark any web article, video, music, cloud file, social media content and anything on the web with a single link. All of your saved content will automatically save to your Link Library. You can search and filter by title, description, source and tags. The best part of elink's bookmark manager allows you to choose an image that best represents your content, edit the title and description to add your own notes and add your own voice. The added benefit of elink is that you can bundle your saved links at anytime and turn them into curated content to share with the world!

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Don't Just Bookmark Weblinks. Share!

elink bookmark manager doesn't just stop at helping you save content. elink takes it to a whole different level by allowing you to bundle any web links you want and turn them into curated content. You can share your bundled web links as an email newsletter, embed curated content on your website or blog or create a single curated web page. You can continue using your elink Chrome Extension to save bookmarks and add additional content to your published content!

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