Curated Email Newsletters

Curated newsletters are a great way to build authority, become a thought leader, and entertain your subscribers by providing the information they don't have time to search for on a regular basis.
elink is the fastest way to design a curated newsletter digest on the planet. You can start from scratch or select one of elink's 50+ curated newsletter templates, add your content links, write an introductory text, and BOOM! You have got yourself an awesome looking curated newsletter!
Ultra Fast
Save Valuable Time
elink's email newsletters can be created in minutes versus the hours it usually takes to create them. Just focus on the content and will take care of the rest. Use elink's Chrome Extension, RSS Feed Reader and Link Library for quick creation of content.
Visual Weblinks
Add and Edit Content Anytime
Add your own voice to each link and give it more context depending on your audience. Customize  images, titles and description of each link you share.. You can even update this content in real time anytime you want.
Multiple Layouts
Choose from 50+ Beautiful Layouts
Select between dozens of responsive newsletter friendly layouts that have been tested across 90+ email clients! These newsletter templates are modern, beautiful and look great on nearly any device your audience opens them on. You can even switch between layouts with a sing click of a button.
Works Across Platforms
Publish it Across 3rd Party Email Platforms
elink integrates with nearly all the major third party email providers to send off beautiful newsletters in minutes. Send it via Gmail, Mailchimp or paste the HTML code into any third party email provider to create and send stunning email newsletters that look impressive!

Send Newsletters Across Nearly all
3rd Party Email Services

If the email service provider allows you to add HTML code, you can use elink's and send your emails out.
Active Campaign
Constant Contact
Easy Sendy
Vertical Response

See What You Can Build & Automate

Use your imagination to have elink make your life easy! From website news feeds, industry news feeds, company press coverage, email newsletters and much more!
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