elink's Wordpress Plugin

elinkā€™s WordPress plugin allows customers to integrate and embed their elink posts with their WordPress blog or website and create beautiful quick content.
WordPress Content
Generate Content at Scale
Elink's all in one content generator allows your to generate content for your website or blog at the speed of light. Collect links from anywhere on the web and share them as beautiful visual wordpress pages, newsletters or social bio links in minutes. No coding required. You can choose from beautiful grid style layouts and create product pages, brand pages, press pages, news feeds, knowledge bases, resource pages and much more.
Update Anytime
Deploy Content Faster
One of the biggest problems we face today is maintaining website and blog content. It takes time and resources to update content. With elink we have made content creation and updating effortless. Anyone can do it with ease. Simply install the elink Chrome Extension and add new content to your published pages or update your content from the elink platform. All your content is updated in real-time. Save time and update content in seconds, no need to set up API integrations.
Multiple Layouts
Customize Content Without Coding
Quickly choose design elements to match your content to your blog or website. elink is the fastest way to create grid curation layouts that look great on your website without touching code. Select from various interchangeable layouts, select colors and fonts and make your content pop!
Update on theĀ Go
Update Content in Real-Time
Add visual weblinks to your elink embeds, web pages and newsletters in real-time. You can update published and draft posts, as well as create brand new posts directly with elink's Chrome Extension. It's a fast and easy way to update your content without having to deal with messy code, website updates, swapping social bio links, etc.
Fully Responsive
Content Looks Great on All Devices
When you embed elink's content on your website know that your content will look great on all devices. It's fully responsive and adaptive to make your content look professional no matter where it's being accessed from.
Publish Anywhere
Publish and Share Your Content Anywhere
You can embed your elink content onto nearly any website or blog and update content in real-time with your elink Chrome Extension. Embed your elink on Wordpress's multiple editors from Guttenberg, Classic and much more.

This Installation Requires:


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