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Save any weblink and edit titles, descriptions, add notes, choose an image, update images, turn bundles of bookmarks into content and share them with your world.

Important Tips for Saving Web Content

Four ways to bookmark content from anywhere online!

Elink Content Curation Extension

Click the elink logo

Elink Bookmarking Extension

Right Click any Page

Elink Bookmakring Tool

Right Click any Link

Save Bookmarks With Elink

Right Click any Image

Elink Chrome Extension
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Save ANY Web Content with a Click of a Button

elink makes it easy for you to save content from around the web. You can save weblinks, videos, cloud files, social media posts and much more! You have the option of saving content to your searchable link library or add it directly to content collections you want to share with your world.

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Add Notes and Edit Your Visual Bookmark in Real-Time

You can edit the title of your saved web link, the description and image. elink makes it easy for you to add your own notes and voice to the content you're saving. You can choose from any image on a web page, take a screenshot or upload your own image. You can also right click on any image that you want to save to that bookmark for a beautiful reference.

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Create collections from bookmarks
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Save Your Bookmark to Your Content Collections

You have the option to save your bookmarks to your link library and you can save them to your content collections. Even content that has been published can be updated by using elink's Chrome Extension.

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Save Time and Update Content in Real-Time in Seconds

Add visual weblinks to your elink embeds, web pages and newsletters in real-time. You can update published and draft posts, as well as create brand new posts directly with elink's Chrome Extension. It's a fast and easy way to update your content without having to deal with messy code, website updates, swapping social bio links, etc.

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PUBLISH and Share Your elink Content Page with Your World

You can share your published elink post as an email newsletter that can be sent to your team, customers, followers and more. You can also embed it on your website or blog and update content in real-time with your elink Chrome Extension. Creating social bio links and web pages is a breeze. It's incredibly easy to update them in real-time with the latest information.

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Track Engagement Analytics on Your Shared Content

Track engagement levels, referral sources and location of your audience. Make smarter decision on the content you create and share by understanding your user engagement levels. Measure the number of page visits on your social media bio links and website content that you create.

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