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Bookmarking Tool

Use elink's Chrome & Firefox Extensions to bookmark and save content on the go. elink bookmark manager allows you create folders and subfolders to organize your content.
Install Chrome Extension
Bookmark Weblinks
Save Web Content
elink makes it easy for you to save content from around the web. You can save weblinks, videos, cloud files, social media posts and much more! You have the option of saving content to your searchable link library or add it directly to content collections you want to share with your world.
Edit Your Visual Bookmarks
You can edit the title of your saved web link, the description and image. elink makes it easy for you to add your own notes and voice to the content you're saving. You can choose from any image on a web page, take a screenshot or upload your own image.
Better Organization
Organize Bookmarks in Folders
Create unlimited folders and subfolders to organize your links they way you want. You even have the option to save them via tags. The advanced search helps you find the content you need so you never loose anything.
Customize Design
Create Content from Bookmarks
Elink chrome extension not only helps save bookmarks but also is the fastest way to bundle links and create beautiful collections to share as a newsletter or embed it on a website.

See What You Can Build with elink's Chrome Extension

Use your imagination to have elink make your life easy! From website news feeds, industry news feeds, company press coverage, email newsletters and much more!
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