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Beauty Brand Press Coverage

Add a collection of web links to elink and transform it into beautiful content.

Press pages are a great way to gain credibility by showing your audience the various sources that have mentioned you. It also helps you gain the trust of brands and advertisers to attract more partnerships for your Beauty Brand.

With elink, you can create professional-looking press page for your beauty brand in minutes. Just collect the articles you’ve been mentioned in or shoutouts you have been getting on social media and elink will generate a beautiful press page. 

You can then share this press page as a single web page on your social media channels, embed this press page on your blog or website for the world to see or can even send your press page as an email newsletter to your subscribers!

The best part is you can update your content anytime by using elink’s Chrome Extension or elink’s platform and adding new web links of articles and press mentions to your page even after it’s been published!

Beauty Brand Press Coverage
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You can embed your content on any website or blog.

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Share your collection as a single web page on social media or anywhere!

Attract journalists, publications and awesome partnerships by sharing your elink press page on social media or anywhere you are allowed to share a link!
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