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Curated Fashion Influencer

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Influencer marketing is particularly big amongst those in the fashion industry as 57% of companies now use influencers as part of their marketing mix, while 21% are planning to add this to their strategy in the coming year.

However, one of the biggest frustrations that people, especially influencers and marketers have with Instagram is a constraint of sharing multiple links in your bio.

If you wish to have multiple links in your Instagram bio so you can leverage the massive user base of Instagram for your brand, elink is the tool for you. allows brands to add multiple links to their Instagram bio by creating a landing page for all your links. Now you can add as many external links (your social media profiles, new product listings, blogs, videos, audio, affiliate products, etc.) to your Instagram profile as you want.

Just add web links into elink's platform or create content by using elink's Chrome Extension. Once you are done creating your Instagram Bio Landing Page, you can add this link to your Instagram bio. Alternatively, you can also share this page as an email newsletter, as a single web page on social media or embed it on your blog or website!‍

Curated Fashion Influencer
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Turn Your Content into an Email Newsletter

Whether you're creating creating a marketing email to your customers about latest deals or whether your hand curating a set of jewelry for a particular client, use elink's platform to create a beautiful email newsletter in minutes!

You can embed your content on any website or blog.

Do you have a sale, have affiliates, partnerships where you want to share multiple products in a collection on a website? In this example we have embedded this jewelry collection in a container. But you can also add the embed code to a column or full page width to create different experiences on your website or blog. Click around and play with the embedded content below👇 | See Original

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Share your collection as a single web page on social media or anywhere!

Whether you're creating something special for a client or need to share links on social media this is a beautiful page you can create in minutes. It looks professional and will be sure to wow any audience!
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