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Curated Financial Research

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Technological advancements in the finance industry, although being late to the party, is quickly gaining traction. Have your readers make intelligent investments by giving them the ups and downs of the stock market, cryptocurrencies, your stock picks, OTC market insights, etc by creating a Curated Financial Research Page.  

Whether you are a Finance Influencer, marketer, a brand, or just someone who wants to share quality curated financial content, elink is just the tool for you.

elink is the smartest way to bundle and share articles, websites, videos, cloud files, content on Slack and much more.

Just add product links into elink's platform or create content by using elink's Chrome Extension. Once you are done creating your Curated Financial News Page, you can share this page as an email newsletter, as a single web page on social media or embed it on your blog or website!‍

Curated Financial Research
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Turn Your Content into an Email Newsletter

Got a huge list of email subscribers? Leverage the power of email by sharing your Curated Financial Research as a beautiful email newsletter!

You can Embed Your Content on any Website or Blog

Keep your website fresh with new content by embedding your Curated Financial Research page on your website. In this example, we have embedded this collection in a container. But you can also add the embed code to a column or full page width to create different experiences on your website or blog. Click around and play with the embedded content below👇 | See Original

Share Your Collection as a Single Web Page

Wow your social media fans by sharing curated financial content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - basically anywhere where they allow posting a link! A beautiful page like this can be created in minutes. It looks professional and will be sure to impress any audience!
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