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Add web links to elink and transform it into beautiful content.

elink is the smartest way to bundle and share your marketing ebook, articles, websites, videos, cloud files, content on Slack and much more.

If you find yourself sharing and losing web links that are shared via email, chat and spreadsheets you're going to love elink.  elink is an amazing platform to help you quickly share web content with your teammates from all around the world. Just add weblinks into elink's platform or create content by using elink's Chrome Extension and you create engaging professional content to make an impact on your team and organization.

You can create and send email newsletters, sharing important resources, competitor news, product updates, help center articles, knowledge resources, videos and more. The best part is that your content can be created in minutes, but to everyone else it'll look like it took hours of time!

You can also create single web pages that you can share via a single weblink. Your pages can be published privately if you don't want them to be SEO friendly. If you want to create internal web pages you can also embed your content on your intranet or embed it on your website to share with your visitors.

ebook Template
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Turn Your Content into an Email Newsletter

Got a huge list of email subscribers? Leverage the power of email by sharing your ebook template as a beautiful email newsletter!

You can Embed Your Content on any Website or Blog

Have a website or blog? Embed your curated political research on your website and keep your website fresh with new and trendy content! In this example, we have embedded this collection in a container. But you can also add the embed code to a column or full page width to create different experiences on your website or blog. Click around and play with the embedded content below👇 | See Original

Share Your Collection as a Single Web Page

Whether you're sharing a link in Slack or via email sometimes consolidating your web links into a single link is all you need to do to make your content engaging and helpful. A beautiful page like this can be created in minutes. It looks professional and will be sure to wow any audience!
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