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elink has everything you need to save bookmarks and build webpages, email newsletters, RSS website widgets, social bio links, social walls, automated content and more. Create content in minutes!
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Join 70,000+ professionals from all over the world.
Take Back Your Time
Building content, driving traffic, sharing resources, and engaging your audience just got simpler. elink is the most efficient and smartest way to create content by just adding web links.
Bookmark Manager
Save Anything
Download elink's ultra fast Browser Extension and save anything online as a visual bookmark. Organize your visual bookmarks with folders, tags and filters. Never loose anything again.
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  • Chrome
Content Curation
Bundle Links & Create Content
The fastest and most professional way to share curated content on any topic in a visually appealing way. Think of it as a professional Pinterest! Endless possibilities.
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Responsive Design
Beautiful Layouts
Choose from over 50+ beautiful responsive templates that are interchangeable. Update your layouts anytime even after they have been published. Choose from single column, two columns, three columns, multi-column, full-width, carousel, masonary, grid and much more.
Fully Integrated
Integrate & Publish Anywhere
Publish and embed your elink page on nearly any website. Share your elink as a newsletter via any third party email service provider. Connect elink with Zapier to share it on 1,000+ popular applications.
Content Automation
Automate Content Creation
Save valuable time by automating your content creation and publishing. Generate automatic newsletters or website content from your selected sources to produce relevant and engaging content to share with your world.
Work with Your Team
Invite your team to join you and collaborate together on content saving, research, bundling, creating and sharing content. elink is a beautiful platform to work and achieve your goals together. Ideal for marketers, sales, research teams, freelancers, website developers, political teams, and more!
RSS Feed Reader
Discover Great Content
Follow an unlimited number of RSS feeds and use elink's news reader to catch up on the newest headlines. Bundle articles directly from your RSS Feed Reader and build email newsletters and web content.
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Use your imagination and create any type of content with just weblinks. Share the most important stories, resources, videos and online content with your audience and distribute your content across 1000's of platforms.
What Customers are Saying
" We use elink as our platform to host news stories from other sources. It's great, you plop the link in, make some edits if you like, and via code injection the news shows up on our page. It's made the process much easier than before where we were just posting links onto our website. "
CEO & Editor in Chief, Media Production
" It integrates seamlessly with Mailchimp to enable me to send out a regular newsletter which looks much more expensive than it is. Costwise it offers by far the best bang per buck that I could find. "
Consultant & Researcher
" It's very easy to use and integrates with Wix. It's even easier to update the site by using the Chrome plugin which will also refresh your Wix site and update it. "
Content & Media Production
" The fact that we can let go of old excel documents to gather links for press clipping for clients is great, this is much more professional and visually cool "
CEO, Public Relations
" You can use links from anywhere, change the photos, change the descriptor, and share via email, standalone webpage or an embed. Whenever you make a change, it's live and updates wherever you've sent it! Customer service is quick with responses and they actually seek to understand why and how you use their product. "
Director, Business Development
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