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elink is the fastest way to add embedded content to your website or blog! When you're creating and updating a website or blog it takes time, resources and often times a developer to help you. With elink you can embed content directly into your websites and continue updating that information from elink's Chrome Extension or elink's easy editor!

When you have pages like news, resources, research, videos, press mentions - essentially any type of weblink you want to share, you should use elink to help you keep your website pages up-to-date. Simply drop any of your web links into elink's content editor and elink will automatically create a beautiful visual tile that has an image, title and description displayed. You can edit any of that information and add as many web links as you need.

For an even quicker way to update your embedded content you can use elink's Chrome Extension to save, edit and add new web links to your content on-the-go.

elink is a content machine that allows you to turn that same piece of content that you embedded into a website and share it as an email newsletter or share it as a single webpage.

Come join 80,000 professionals and create quick email newsletters and website content in minutes!

How Does it Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time can I save?

A normal email newsletter take hours of time to create. You can save 80% of the time it takes you to create a responsive email. Cut down the time it takes you to format your newsletter, add and crop images, write text, add hyperlinks behind images and text, set your alt text and more. elink will automatically generate beautiful visual tiles of content when you add any weblink into elink's platform.

How easy is it to use elink and send an email via Active Campaign?

It's incredibly easy and takes seconds to send it over to Active Campaign. Just copy the email newsletter HTML code that elink generates and add it to your Active Campaign editor. You'll see your content appear automagically. Go here to see a quick step-by-step guide.

It it worth paying 50 cents per day to create fast content?

elink will save you the headache of creating an email newsletter, so you can spend time on areas of your work that really matter. If you create a daily email newsletter, weekly email newsletter or monthly email newsletter - you won't believe how many hours and days of work you can save!

View Elink's Content Curation Examples👇


View Elink's Content Curation Examples👇


View Elink's Content Curation Examples👇


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