How elink Works

elink is the ultimate place for all your links. Collect the best content from around the web and bundle your weblinks to create content that you can share via email newsletters, single web pages for social media or embed on your website/blog for fast publishing!
Step 1

Bookmark & Save Any Weblink

Elink is the fastest way to save web links from anywhere on the web. Each link gets saved as a visual card with Image, title and description. You can enter links manually, via chrome extension or from RSS Feeds.
Step 2

Bundle Weblinks and Create Content

You can bundle multiple links together while adding your own voice to create a visually appealing bundle/collection to share it with your audience.
Step 3

 Customize & Design Your Content

We take care of design so you don't have to worry about it. All the layouts are interchangeable with a single click and you can choose from over 50+ beautiful layouts. You can even Customize background colors, text colors, link colors and button text to personalize each collection.
Step 3

Share Your Content Anywhere

Once you publish your elink collection you can share it as a link on social media channels, send it as a html newsletter or embed it on your website. It works with all major websites builders and email platforms.
Step 4

Follow RSS Feeds, Read & Bundle Weblinks

Search, add and follow an unlimited number of RSS Feeds from top news publications, industry publications, blogs, Google Alerts, Google News, YouTube channels, Medium authors and much more.
Step 5

Automate Content Creation & Publishing

Want to automate your content creation. Simply pick your sources, apply filters, set a schedule and Elink will take care of the rest.

See What You Can Build & Automate

Use your imagination to have elink make your life easy! From website news feeds, industry news feeds, company press coverage, email newsletters and much more!
Ready to do more with your links?